Avon Station

Station Information
Location:   Lorain County
Latitude:  41.4517
Longitude:  -82.0356
Elevation:  670 ft 204 m
Data Collected Since:  1/1/2003
Location Website:  Link

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Latest Weather Information for Avon Station

Date & Time 8/12/2022 6:15:00 AM EST
Precipitation - mm in
Air Temp 16.5° C 61.7° F
Solar Radiation 0 watts/m2 0.0 Langleys
Humidity 78.9 % 78.9 %
5 cm Soil Temp ° C ° F
10 cm Soil Temp ° C ° F
Scalar Wind Speed 0.77024992 m/s 1.72 mph
Wind Direction 6.047° 6.047°
St. Dev. of Wind Direction 22.84 22.84
Leaf Wetness

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Some historical data is available as images of printed reports.  Please contact Webmaster for more information.  Please specify the time and dates in which you are interested.