Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which parameters of the reported data are converted to different units?
    All of the daily data has been converted to English measurements, but all of the hourly data appears as it has been received (unless the data is bad, in which case it is deleted).
  • What unit is solar radiation reported in?
  • Is any "cleaning up" of the data done, and if so, how much?
    We don't change the data, but if we know that it's wrong, we delete it.  One exception is that any figure over 100% is reported as 100.
  • What are the "normal" averages in the summary tables based on?
    The "normal" average is the average of all the data we have; for most stations, this dates back to 1982.
  • Between what times is precipitation measured each day?
    Midnight to midnight.
  • Do you have records prior to 1982 for the weather stations?
    Yes we have information going back to the 1940's for some of the stations in pdf format. Go to